Children's Mobile Hairdressing

Ideal for those little wrigglers!


When you are little, salons can be scary places, that's why a mobile hairdresser is perfect for your little prince or princess.


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It's so more relaxed and much easier at home with all your child's toys and familiar things around, so having your little one's haircut at home can be fun.  I'm not fazed by wriggles, giggles, tantrums, and tears!

Many parents are afraid that their toddlers will not sit 'nicely' when having a haircut and that it will escalate into a full-blown tantrum in front of a salon full of people, but rest assured, I have plenty of experience with children and plenty of patience.


Some tips for children's haircutting:

scissors Talk beforehand about having their hair ‘done’ not ‘cut’ and I usually suggest that

scissors Very little ones are usually better sat on mum or dad’s lap.

scissors Distractions such as an Ipad or toy can help take their minds off it

scissors If an older child or adult is having their hair done, let them go first so they can see there is nothing to be afraid of.

Of course, kids will have ‘off days’ and if tears and tantrums happen, it doesn't matter, I'll always allow as much time as needed - something that really isn't possible in a salon.

All under 5s kids cuts are just £10


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